Susie Hedalen
white card with "We're Hiring!" written on it
Audit Report
Chalk board with "School Board Elections" written on it. Books and apple images on right side.  Ballot box on right.
Public Notice
KDGZ Radio Survey
Kids Playing "The place to be after school" text above image.
school lunch, blue tray with cinnamon roll, bowl of chili, peas, and green olives.
Upcoming Meetings written on chalkboard
23-24 District Calendar
Susie Hedalen
Calendar with pencil laying on it
4 Day School Week written on chalk board
4 Day School Week written on chalk board
"Parent Survey" In talking bubbles. One Red / One Green
"Letter to the Editor" printed on newsprint
Image of written words, policy and procedures
Information Gathering with a picture of a magnifing glass
School crosswalk sign "School Safety"