One of the cornerstones of an exceptional school system is a close relationship with the community that surrounds it, and Townsend School District is proud of the connection we have built with our community! Adults and students of all ages benefit from this relationship, and It’s not unusual to see members of the community working closely with the students in our schools as guest speakers, presenters, or volunteers. Many of the local businesses are members of our Booster Club, supporting extracurricular activities, or are providing school-work connections for a real-world experience. The community always generously supports various fundraisers for a variety of activities and clubs, to help give students experiences they might not otherwise have. Whether hosting tournaments, planting trees, providing funds for facilities improvements, or scholarships, community groups such as the American Legion, Rotary, FFA Alumni, Lions Club, and many others continually support our students! The school/community library, use of school facilities, and a community weight room are just a few examples of how we continue to maintain a positive school and community relationship. We love our community!

Here is our school district's calendar.