Information Gathering with a picture of a magnifing glass

"As part of the strategic planning process we are asking for your assistance.

We are asking you to research the scheduling models and instructional approaches shown below then submit that research to a school email address. Please submit article links to "". 

As you research, keep in mind that to be the most beneficial for decision making, the research you find should include measures and preferably be peer reviewed (meaning reviewed by a team of education professionals prior to publication).

Please research the following Scheduling Models:

                  - 4-day week,  
                  - 5-day week,  
                  - block scheduling model, 
                  - blended learning model,  
                  -  year around instruction,  
                  - or any other model of interest.

Please research the following Instructional Approaches:

                  - Project-Based Learning, 
                  - Flipped classrooms,
                  - Experiential learning,
                  - Authentic Learning,
                  - Learning-by-doing,
                  - Student-Centered Discussions / collaborative learning,
                  - Online learning,
                  - Blended learning,
                  - Game-based learning,
                  - or any other approach of interest.

There are currently 20 to 30 linked articles on the shared Google Drive containing a lot of research-based information. Check it out!

To view the public shared Google Drive click on the following link:

If you have any questions please email the Strategic Planning facilitator at You may also contact another board member or administrator with questions or comments.