Superintendant, Susie Hedalen

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Dear Families, Staff, and Community Members,                                                                                10/14/2022

We greatly appreciate the incredible turnout for the Senior Steak Fry and everyone's participation in Homecoming! October 24th and 25th, The Safe Schools Center will be here to do a district-wide site evaluation of safety which will help us to continue our efforts in updating and revising our safety and crisis response plans. I will share more information with you when I get the schedule set with them, and we will plan to hold follow-up safety committee meetings. 

On the 25th in the elementary school, there will also be a Title I Parent input session at 6:30 on the learning stairs. This allows parents to have input on our school improvement efforts and how we meet the needs of all students. 

On the evening of November 28th, the district will be doing a strategic planning session in which they consider the goals and meaningful outcomes for students and various ways to reach those goals and results, including scheduling options. This strategic planning session will begin a yearlong discussion on how Townsend School District can be innovative and meet the needs of our students. Some ideas that will be discussed include block scheduling, remote learning options, dual credit, a four-day school week, and more. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

Phase two of construction which is the connector between the buildings is projected to be complete December 15th and work on the new playground will begin soon.  At the November school board meeting we will discuss phase 3 which would be the addition of two classrooms.

The school is actively looking into options for recruitment and retention to manage staffing needs. We urgently need kitchen and custodial staff at this time. We also always need paraprofessionals and substitute teachers.

Thank you, Mrs. Hedalen