Susie Hedalen

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Dear Families, Staff, and Community Members,     6/20/2022

As you can see, the building project is coming along and has turned out amazing! The
project is on budget and on time. Tonight Monday, June 20th, @ 7:00 p.m. in the Community
Room, we will hold a Special School Board Meeting to discuss using the remaining funds to
expand classroom areas. Townsend School District has seen incredible growth in student
population, especially in elementary school. There are currently 68 kindergarteners and 60 first graders. Next year we will add another kindergarten or possibly a first grade or combo,
depending on how numbers end up. We will provide further information on how this will look
as soon as we have more details on numbers and have created a solid research-based plan. We
are also closely monitoring the student numbers for the 4th and 5th grades. If you know
anyone that hasn't registered, please let them know registration for all grades is open, and
we are working in the high school offices. The phone lines are down so, please come in, email
or call 406-333-1697.
Please don't park in the high school/library parking lot and be highly cautious in the
others as job trailers and equipment will be in use. The high school and library parking lot in
front of the school will be full of equipment and very hard to enter and exit throughout the
summer as the 2nd street construction is underway. The high school building entrance is the
Cedar Street door by the weight room and Mrs. Hedalen's office. For the upcoming camps,
please help us remind everyone that the Cedar Street door is the only entrance and that
students need to go straight to the gyms and not travel through any school hallways because of
flooring, HVAC, and low voltage projects occurring. The new elementary school address will be
210 N. Pine Street, and the high school address will be 307 2nd Street. The change in address
process is currently taking place.
The school convened a safety planning committee this spring, and we are writing a new
crisis plan manual and seeking input; if you would like to be involved, please email me. We will
be working with the sheriff's department and others as we update safety plans and protocols
for our new secure facility plan, safety procedures for the buses, and more. Next year the
buildings will have doors locked with a buzz-in system at the front doors.
Thank you, Mrs. Hedalen