Information About the Smarter Balanced Tests

Info About Smarter Balanced Tests

Above is a link to information about the content and purpose of the Smarter Balanced Tests.  There are several different components of these tests, which are designed to be a comprehensive and efficient assessment of our students skills and knowledge.

Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT)
Students will take a CAT in both Math and English and Language Arts (ELA).  These tests have multiple choice questions, short answers, problem solving, highlighting important text, and many other forms of answering questions.  They are adaptive, so if a student answers correctly, the next question will be more challenging.  If he answers incorrectly, he will receive an easier question.  This allows students to be challenged at their own levels, without being frustrated by questions that are too difficult.  It also shortens the time required to get an accurate assessment of an individual student's achievement level.

Performance Task (PT)
Students will also perform a longer, more comprehensive assessment in both Math and ELA.  This test requires a short lesson, which will be taught ahead of the actual assessment.  In Math, students will then solve a number of problems related to a theme and situation, which requires practical application of math skills at that particular grade level.  In ELA, students will research a given topic, then will write a long essay, providing supporting information from their research.

These assessments are both interesting and challenging, and while our students have indicated that they are difficult, they have been much more engaged than with previous assessments.  Again, we encourage you to take a look at the Practice Tests for your own information.  If you have questions, please contact Jill Flynn at 441-3456.

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