Advisory Groups

At the beginning of the year, every student in the middle school is paired with a middle school teacher.  Each teacher's group consists of approximately 15 students--5 sixth graders, 5 seventh graders, and 5 eighth graders.  The groups meet every Friday for approximately 20-25 minutes (12:45-1:04). During advisory time, the teacher and students engage Girls Cartoon.pngin lessons, activities, and discussions on asset building, goal setting, conflict management, academic achievement, and other important topics.  The groups are designed to allow every student in the middle school to feel a part of the middle school community, and to make sure that every student feels that they have a positive relationship with at least one teacher.  The teacher will help track students' progress through middle school in a variety of areas--academic, athletics, extracurricular, and social.  The advisory groups also allow students to develop positive relationships with one another, build a sense of community and teamwork, and feel like they have a variety of resources available at the school.  We are excited about the addition of advisory groups to our curriculum, and believe they will benefit our students and school in many positive ways.  We invite you to contact any of the middle school teachers/staff with comments and/or questions.
Advisory Schedule: Every Friday from 12:46-1:04

Click here for Ms. Eichinger's Advisory List 2017-2018