Accelerated Reader Info. & Requirements
Every student in the Middle School is required to read AR books throughout the year. Each teacher sets point goals and specific requirements for students in their classrooms.

Students can check out AR books from the library, from middle school teachers, or read books they have at home as long as they are AR. After students read the book, they will take a short multiple-choice comprehension test on the computer over the novel. In this way, students accumulate points. The website can help with finding out whether or not a book is AR, and if so, what the Book Level (BL) and point level are.

Students in my 7th AND 8th grade language arts class are required to read 2 AR book per quarter (one BEFORE mid-term and one AFTER mid-term). This is a minimum requirement. In addition, students are required to accumulate a certain number of points each quarter.
Stacked Books.png
1st quarter:  25 pts
2nd quarter: 25 pts
3rd quarter:  25 pts
4th quarter:  25 pts

Students without special learning and reading considerations should be reading AR books withing the 4.0-6.0 Book Level (BL) range. This number is on every AR book in the library. If the book your student wants to read in NOT within this range, simply check with me prior to reading to get approval.

**Students with special learning and reading considerations will have modified book levels and point goals.**

**Students will only be allowed to take AR tests in my classroom during supervised time. Any AR tests taken outside of these guidelines will NOT be counted.**

AR is 15% of the student's grade each quarter, therefore, it is vital that your student be reading at least 20 minutes per day!