Speech & Drama Team
Pay the high school activity fee
Turn in the attached form signed by student and parent.
Meet school district and MHSA academic, attendance, and behavior eligibility requirements.

Beginning October 3rd, we will have a mandatory Monday meeting/practice in Coach Bakkum’s classroom (in the middle school). These meetings will be held at noon until volleyball/football season is over.
Students must attend practice a minimum of three times per week (including Monday)
Practice sign-up sheets will be shared via a Google Doc to all members. It will be each individual’s responsibility to check their school email for updates to practice schedules.
Competitors should not schedule all practices on one day.
Practices are held in designated middle/elementary classrooms.
You must have completed the required practices during the week to attend the meet.
 Every opportunity should be made to contact a coach by phone, e-mail, or in person to okay an excused absence.  It is not okay to communicate through another team member.

Each team member will be required to have a digital timer and an extra set of batteries. This timer must count down, count in seconds, and have a beeper. A phone/ipod is not an acceptable timer in official competition.

Competitions (Meets):

The team will be traveling to at least six meets as well as the Divisional Tournament and the State Tournament.  Every attempt should be made to attend all Speech and Drama meets.  Registrations must be sent to the Tournament Director in advance. Once the registration is sent, we must pay for those entered.  If a student drops for any reason other than illness or family emergency, the student will reimburse the school for the entry fee and the drop fee if one is required. Please call Coach Bakkum (461-5120) as far in advance as possible.  As with missing practice, it is not okay to communicate through another team member.
home with their team mates. AFTER SIGNING THEM OUT WITH COACH BAKKUM, parents may take their student(s) home. Students may not leave with anyone other than their parent or LEGAL guardian.

Team Area:
At each meet, we place our personal items, as well as props, snacks etc. together in a set area (usually a gymnasium).  It is the team’s responsibilities to keep this area tidy and completely cleaned up when the meet is over. Please note: All other competitors from every school have unlimited access to this area.  We have never (to date) had an issue with theft, but remember, If you value your valuables, keep them well hidden or leave them on the bus.

Be Organized, Prepared and Presentable:
The Speech, Drama, and Debate bus leaves EARLY.
Make sure you have what you need before we leave. (TIMER, BATTERIES, Props, scripts…)
Pack the night before.
Be present 10 minutes before the bus leaves. We will leave exactly on time and will NOT wait.
Attire and hair code will be regulated by the coach and ultimately the administration.  Dress and hair style will be conservative. For speech and debate events, professional clothing is expected. Drama costumes can be worn on the bus, but each actor must plan to change into nice clothing for the awards ceremony.  ABSOLUTELY NO PAJAMAS, SWEATS OR HALLOWEEN COSTUMES WILL BE WORN BY MEMBERS OF OUR TEAM. No exceptions.

There are limited spots for each of the speech and drama categories.  Only three entries are allowed in each event at a Speech Meet, so tryouts may be required.


Varsity letters are awarded to team members who qualify.  Competitors must place at four meets or the Divisional meet to earn a varsity letter. State qualifiers will automatically letter.

Parent Support:
Home Tournament: We will be hosting our tournament on November 19th. We will need parents to work the concession booth, provide snacks for the judges room and help find judges.  If you are able to help out, or have family that can, PLEASE indicate on the attached form. More details will follow as the season comes closer.
Bus Decorating: We will need parents to take charge of getting our bus decorated for Divisional and State Competitions.