Mr. Lawson

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. David Lonnel Lawson, Jr.

What gets me the most excited about your physical education?

 “Seeing the kids smile everyday, I love coming to work!”

“I love that I can make a difference each day to teach children about being active and being healthy. I love seeing the smiles on their faces, and know that I can help them learn about games, enjoying the different aspects of physical education.”

“Love watching the kids grow and learn from year to year.

“The human connections students make with each other while learning and having fun!”

“How much the kids and parents love my program and I feel like I am making a difference. “

“I love being active, and teaching my students how to be active. This job is extremely rewarding and there is nothing better than seeing the face of a student who becomes successful at a new skill that they never imagined they could perform.”

“Creating and delivering exciting and innovative lessons to get students excited about being physically active.”

“Working with kids and seeing them light up when they figure out how to do something that you have been teaching or showing them. “

“Seeing ALL kiddos working together leaving the room a sweaty mess!”

“Watching the kids learn and succeed. Enabling the students to reach out and work toward their goals whether it be skills or fitness is awesome!”

“The excitement of my students when learning something new and when achieving a goal they didn’t believe they could do.”

“Seeing the kids run in all excited and watching them accomplish things they never thought they could do and they build confidence and begin to feel good about themselves.”

“Seeing the “light go on” when a child accomplishes a new skill.”

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