Mr. Lawson

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. David Lonnel Lawson, Jr.
I was born in California, but my heart belonged to a little town in northern Nevada called Hawthorne.

My family consists of two remarkable individuals who hold the key to my heart - my wife Jami and our daughter Lakota Day.

Jami and I have been together since high school so I guess you can say we are high school sweethearts; we have been joined at the hip for 14 fun years. Lakota is our only child for now. She is a handful, but I love every moment I share with her. Each day I strive to be a better person for them.

My strengths are my leadership skills, hard work, and determination. Becoming a leader in and out of the classroom hasn't always been easy for me, but through a lot of hard work and determination, trial and error, my skills have matured into something I am very proud of.

I believe whatever it is you want out of life, you have to work for it, and our success is not handed to us. I am a very determined person. When I have a goal in mind I pursue it at 110%

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