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Dear Parents,

            I would like to describe to you the general layout of the Wood Technology, Technology Education, and the Construction/Welding/Automotive curriculum.  I will also explain how the school will deal with material costs and billing. 

            If your student is enrolled in Wood Technology he/she will be required to construct several different wood joints, and a night stand (complete with one door and one drawer). The cost for this first semester will be $30 dollars to each student.  Now during the second semester each student will be required to come up with his/her own project.  The student will first of all come up with an idea, a 3- view drawing, a Bill of Materials, a plan of procedure, then either bring the material or buy it from the school.  Once the plan has been OK'd by you and me and paid for, the student may spend the rest of the semester building the project and completing the required written work.  If your family is concerned about the expense then your student should feel comfortable making several small projects or possibly a project for the school, which should have a minimal cost. 

            If your student is enrolled in Technology Education you should be aware that we intend to build many small projects such as:  wooden puzzle,acrylic clipboards, coat-racks,CO2 cars, bottle rockets and screwdrivers which the students will be able to take home.  The students will also be introduced to welding and the supplies for this are quite expensive.  The Vocational Department at BHS would greatly appreciate your support in helping out with the lab fees that I have described. $30 will be required for each student.

            If your student is enrolled in the Construction Tech class which is offered in the afternoon as a 2-period block then there will be materials fee of $40 which will cover gloves, welding rod and metal, as well as gases, and grinding wheels.  Your student should have approximately three weeks to build his/her own project.  Your student will have the option to apply for college credit through the Helena College of Technology, if they pay a fee and maintain a B or better for the entire year.  Inquire if you and your student are interested. Fundamentals of Construction 100

Wood Technology bill:         $30 dollars

Technology Education bill:  $30 dollars

Construction Technology bill:    $40 dollars

Fundamentals of Construction 100:--??



Make checks payable to:  Townsend Schools

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