Ms. Tharp's Webpage
Welcome to Spanish and Sociology Class!! This is my second year here in Townsend. I grew up in Minnesota where I learned during high school that I enjoyed learning a foreign language. I decided in college after a summer as a camp counselor that I would enjoy teaching. So decided to pursue a degree in Spanish and History. I have traveled extensively and feel a love for history goes hand in hand with language as so many countries are rich with history and culture that I enjoy learning about while I travel. I have been to Mexico 9 times, taken a short stop in Guatemala and spent time in Costa Rica. I have also touched down in England and spent 10 days in Ireland visiting the country and riding to the hounds on some very exciting Fox Hunts. I have spent most of my life training horses in some capacity of part time to full time for the last 7 years. I taught Spanish and History in South Dakota for 6 years and also taught Spanish in Belgrade, MT for 2 years. 
I'm looking forward to working with your students and sharing my knowledge of Spanish and Latin American culture with them this year and also teaching a semester class in Sociology. 
Please feel free to contact me anytime via my email listed on my contact tab.