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Schedule is current as of April 3, 2018

Welcome to the Townsend Schools Activities Department!

Broadwater High School and Townsend Middle School offer a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities to participate in.  They promote healthy physical activities, arts, social development and an opportunity for life long memories.

Success in activities is measured by more than just who starts a game, who has the lead in the play, wins and losses, how many championships earned or individual statistics.  Activities provide a means for personal growth, goal setting, learning how to deal with success and failure, keeping things in perspective, developing skills and stretching oneself to do so, and developing proper relationships with fellow students from our school as well as other schools that we compete against.  Lastly, surveys have shown that the main reason that students participate in school activities is that it is fun.

For families and community members, activities are a time to see our youth represent the best in our community.  When you attend an activity, go to support our students, coaches and those from the schools with which we compete along with game officials in a positive way.  There is no place for unsportsmanlike conduct or criticism of those who dedicate their time, effort and talents to provide positive activities for our students.

Welcome to Townsend School Activities!

Jim Holland
Activities Director